SHUTTERBUG – Bhanvi Sharma

You catch the main grin of an infant. The First kiss of a couple. You catch tears. Giggling. Indeed, even agony. You catch the primary snapshots of an individual’s life, and now and again – the last minutes as well. You solidify minutes in time that will never be lived again and convey those valuable recollections to your customers with incredible consideration and exactness. You manage sudden downpour. Timetables running behind. Sore feet. A sun that is TOO brilliant. High expectations. Some of the time, next to no much obliged.

You hold the valuable minutes and recollections of individuals truly in your grasp, and you do it cautiously, skillfully, and with incredible pride and magnificence. You watch over those recollections until they are securely on hard drives and showed on a print. You’re a craftsman and a watchman.

Thank You. Much obliged to you for ensuring we never need to just attempt to rethink those ageless recollections in our fluffy cerebrum. Thank you for giving us a reasonable, genuine picture of what every minute methods and the feelings they hold. Thank you for taking care of our minutes with consideration.

But, In the event that you are simply beginning in this photography business, realize that you aren’t the only one. Each expert photographer was once NOT an expert. It wasn’t sometime in the past that the photographer you’re slobbering over as of now, was correct where you are standing. Try not to be debilitated by your development cycle.

In any case, I’m here to let you know not to stop! , I rehash, DON’T GIVE UP!

Photos of 4th Row from top are clicked by Bhanvi Sharma
Keep your dreams alive!❤️

When you go ahead and it feels like you are staggering into block dividers, when it appears as though nobody will respond to your inquiries, realize that there are individuals like me who need to support you. Perhaps you simply need some exhortation, somebody to energize you, somebody to applaud you, you can locate that here.

Happiness ❤

Okay Pritha Di please don’t hate me for this. And anyone else who’s reading this please don’t hate me either!

So it’s all started when i saw her near E-Block in ITER. Those deep eyes with a big smile on face crushed me right away. She left me awestruck. She’s this amazing, genuine, free spirit that just mesmerises people with her smile and laughter! But it took me 2 years to confess her that i had a huge crush on her and that too happened on Instagram.


And i was so crazy for her that i thought to visit her. But now she is in Bangalore working in a private firm. So i booked the tickets without giving a second thought. And finally after a month of planning, i went to Bangalore. We had never met in person before. We had spoken to each other a couple of times over Whatsapp and Instagram and had made a few calls, back and forth, but that’s about it.

I was really looking forward to meeting her and I was so so excited about it. I reached hotel around 7 at evening and started pacing up and down. I had so many questions running in my head. But she came 2 hours late. I was a bit disappointed and was starting to get slightly irritated. In the mean while, I kept gazing up and down the street, looking into random cars, wondering if it was her. And then she called me and asked me to come down. Finally, I spotted her at a distance, walking towards me. My heart started beating so hard and my mind went blank for a minute. All my emotions translated into extreme nervousness and resulted in absolute chaos, within my head. I was so nervous, that I couldn’t get a word across for the first couple of minutes. She was right there in front of me and all I did was stare shamelessly at her. All through the evening, I ended up doing a couple of clumsy things, owing to my nervousness, which I am really hoping she didn’t notice.

The candle light dinner which i had booked went smoothly until i went high and fucked up things. But she laughed so hard as i had no idea what i was doing. But that laugh on her face made my trip special. I was on this amazing date and was having such an awesome time that i just didn’t want the day to end. I wished the day just went on and on and on.

Anyway, despite all of this, the evening ended on a positive note and I hold fondest memories of that day. The next day we went for lunch where she put her drink on me and made me look shit. Lol. Then she introduced me to her friends over movie and we went to pub. And the way she danced, you just can’t stop yourself from falling in love with her. I wish those days could last forever. And I know it sounds a bit cheesy but I just can’t get enough of how much i adore her. It’s infectious and it makes me smile. That kind of dreamy swooped off your feet feeling that we all yearn for but most of us are too scared to feel.

My last photo with her on the trip. Not gonna lie, got a little teary after she went away. But i walked away from there with a satisfied smile on my face, hands in my pockets, happiness in my head and a loving memory in my furiously beating heart. I’ll be seeing you my crush ❤